Blackboard and Social Media Workshop

Day 1

Session 1: Intro to Blackboard 9.1

Making the Switch to Blackboard 9.1

Resources for Understanding Changes to Blackboard

Session 2:  Discussion of Social Media and Bb, Discussion of Students and Social Media Culture

Did You Know (2009)

Mindsets and Millennials

Blackboard Mashups

SlideShare and Blackboard

Scribd and Blackboard

Why Digital Writing Assignments Matter

Session 3:  Wimba and the Social Media Age, Wimba Voice Board and Podcaster Demonstrations


Session 4:  Introduction to Blogging

Getting Started With Blogging

Featured Blogs

How to Have a Professional Blog on the Cheap and Easy

Session 5:  Introduction to Podcasting

Getting Started With Podcasting

Day 2

Session 1: Discussion of Visual Rhetoric in the Social Media Age, Introduction to Flickr, Flickr + Blackboard

Using Flickr with Blackboard

Topics for Visual Thinking

Session 2:  Introduction to Photoessays using Flickr + Blackboard, Blogger, and/or Google Sites, Work on Photoessays

Essays and Images Site

Session 3:  Introduction to YouTube, YouTube + Blackboard, and Video Projects for the Classroom

Video Portfolios

Video Options for Classroom Projects

Session 4:  Introduction to Facebook and Twitter for the Classroom

The Twitter Workshop Page

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