Use PowerPoint or Keynote to Create Text Images

I’m in the process of setting up another site, Trailing Eudora, and the way I have it set up requires that I apply a thumbnail image to each post.  That stumped me a little because the right image can be trouble to find or create.  Then of course there’s the issue of whether or not the image is actually legally or ethically available to post once it’s been found.  Plus, though I do appreciate the use of images in blog posts, I don’t feel the need to always have one every single time.  Sometimes I’d rather have just a colorful text box with a short excerpt from my post calling attention to it rather than a photograph, I told myself as I contemplated the how of coming up with a thumbnail image for every single post.  That’s when it struck me that the easiest way in the world to create a colorful text box that can be posted to a blog as an image is to make it as a slide in PowerPoint or Keynote.  From either program, an individual slide can be exported as a jpg image.

Easy peasy.  Problem solved.

And the same technique can be applied to adding text-based images to flyers or other documents as well.  Sometimes the easy answer is really the best one.

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2 thoughts on “Use PowerPoint or Keynote to Create Text Images

  1. What a beautiful site! I’ll be reading for sure.

    One trip worth exploring, if you haven’t already: the MS Museum of Art here in Jackson. I went in years ago when contemplating a Welty project and was able to touch and hold many of her photographs. They were in the process of cataloguing them then…

  2. I’ve been hoping to make it to the art museum in time to see the Muppet exhibit. Do they have a permanent Welty display? I know they had a temporary exhibit last year for the 100th birthday. The state archives has possession of the originals. They ought to keep a permanent display in Jackson. I do need to get there. And if I’m serious about the whole Welty thing, I need to go to the archives to read through her papers and letters…

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