Twitpic as Writing Prompt

I uploaded one picture to Twitpic just to see how it works. I’m no expert, but I have been wondering about easy ways to have students do their own version of the kind of photo-blogging I’ve been doing lately over on my other blog.

I had a colleague once who would send her students out across the campus once a semester or so armed with Polaroid cameras. Oh, how I miss the Polaroid. Unfortunately, I don’t actually know what was going on with those cameras. I only know what I always assumed. I think she was sending them on a visual scavenger hunt and then using whatever pictures they came back with as writing prompts. Pre-blog blogging and an excellent plan

In the pre-digi age, I once read about a teacher that got a grant to send disposable cameras home with her students. They took pictures in their neighborhoods. The teacher had them developed. The class made a scrapbook, and each student contributed writing assignments to go with the pictures. I thought at the time it was a great way to infuse some real meaning and real enthusiasm into the writing. I still think so.

I also think that paying for film is a bit on the absurd side when most of the students are walking around with digital camera phones in their pockets. So in the spirit of everything old is new again I suggest Twitpic as a way to gather photographs that students collect. They can then be projected in class to be used as writing prompts, linked to blogs for photo-blogging, or used as part of a class Twitter stream.

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