The Book into Blog Project, Day 2

In my second day of setting up Journally, I made it to 30 prompt postings, and I added some pages. They need a lot more work. I also need to add some external links, and I want to add a WordPress plug-in that will generate a sidebar widget for showing random posts. Somewhere in there I need to go back through and make sure all of my posts are tagged and add a sidebar widget for a tag cloud. I may have to wrap presents and bake cookies first.

I’m in good shape to meet my goal of have 50 prompt postings on there by the time school starts back. I want to get up to about 200 fairly quickly after that. In my mind 200 is a nice hefty number where the blog can be left alone to stand as a product on its own rather than a process.

That’s my thinking. I’ll put a lot of work into this up front and then mostly leave it be for people to use. Maybe a few times a year I’ll add new prompts and do general maintenance updates on the site. During poetry month, for example, I might add new prompts for people trying to do poem-a-days.

This is one example of when a blog doesn’t have to be a blog. Journally is a blog, but it’s also a resource that will not have to be updated as a blog once it reaches a certain level of completion. Categories, tags, pages, parent/child designations for pages and categories all make it so much easier to use a blogging platform to create a digitally navigable book as opposed to the kind of blog that once included “frequently updated” in its definition. I believe I’ve written about this before. Now I’m working on doing it.

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