NCTE Presentation Handout

My 2009 NCTE presentation is on teaching Eudora Welty. I’ll be part of a session on Southern Women Writers with Beverly Fatherree of Hinds Community College.

Click here to download a pdf of my presentation handout.

Teachers and students are welcome to copy the handout in any way they like for classroom purposes.

I will be presenting this to teachers, but I have put the handout together with an audience of students in mind. Teachers like ready-made handouts for the classroom.

Since the presentation is not on a technology topic, and this is a technology blog, I will add that it was created using the non-profit newsletter template from Pages, a program that came with my MacBook. The document itself is a work-in-progress and is likely to undergo changes even after my presentation. If you have suggestions for changes or additions, please let me know.

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