Using Visual CV to Create E-Portfolios

VisualCV is perhaps the easiest way to approach e-portfolios.  You only have to sign up for a free online account.  The program guides you through the steps of creating a CV, and in case you need a little extra help, the site provides its own tutorials.

See Brian Stroka’s VisualCV.  He was my student last semester, and he created this for our class. You can see that he has turned an online resume into a portfolio site by adding pictures and writing samples.  He now has this online presence potential employers can peruse.  And if all he needs is a resume after all, he can download that part of his portfolio as a pdf file to print out.  It’s really a perfect system.

VisualCV provides fewer design choices as a portfolio platform than a blogging system like WordPress might.  Still, the result is simple, clean, attractive, and professional.  It’s a wonderful tool for students and professionals alike.

Cool Tech Tool: Visual CV

Visual CV is a must for job seekers.   It’s an online resume building tool that provides space for uploading portfolio artifacts and gives custom options for publishing the portfolio as a website.  CVs can be saved or  emailed as pdfs.  This is a must more robust tool than resume templates or wizards in word processing programs, and it produces a fine looking document.  It’s an easy answer for teachers and students covering job search units, and it’s an easy answer to portfolio building.  NCTE recommends electronic portfolios for all students, and indeed they will need them on the job market.  This is a great way for a student to set up a web presence to impress potential employers and potential graduate schools alike.