Featured Blog(s): Parts-n-Pieces + Composing with Images



Composing with Images


Billie Hara writes about teaching, academic and social issues, and photography (among other things) at Parts-n-Pieces.  She’s also kept a photo blog called Project 365 for several years.  She’s done stunning work with both her writing and her photography.  Visit her blog when you have plenty of time to browse.

Now Billie has started a new photo project along with Bill Wolff who has his own great blog at Composing Spaces. Each week at Composing with Images Billie and Bill post side-by-side images related to a central theme.  The photography is fantastic, and the concept is a truly innovative approach to photo-blogging.

Featured Blog: 2 Board Alley

Another blog of interest to two-year college teachers, Joanna Howard writes about teaching, community college issues, yoga, family, cats, academic life, technology and creativity at 2 Board Alley.   You’ll find teaching materials and tips on this blog, but it’s also a great example of a successful blending of the personal and the professional in a public journal.

Featured Blog(s): The Blogs of T.R. Hummer



Mad Aggregator


Conscience Continuum


T.R. Hummer is a poet from Mississippi, now teaching at Arizona State University.  He keeps these three blogs, each devoted to a different purpose.  On one he writes artful writing, on another he writes about artful writing, artfulness in general, and cultural issues, and on the third he links to and responds to articles on politics, culture, science, human rights, and other consciousness raising issues.  All are fascinating and well worth repeat visits.  Having felt his poetic wake in my years at the University of Southern Mississippi and then again at Oklahoma State University, my favorite of the three is The Mad Aggregator.   Go read it to see why.

Featured Blog: Daisy Pignetti

Daisy Pignetti writes a blog I feel a special connection to because she and I blogged our way through Katrina together from different places and different perspectives.  A New Orleans native, she continues to write about Katrina and recovery issues.  She’s also very interested in social media and provides some great ideas for using Twitter and other social sites in the classroom.  She uses WordPress and has a gorgeous and aptly chosen WordPress theme.

Featured Blog: Confessions of a Community College Dean


I don’t know his real name or the name of his school, but Dean Dad of Confessions of a Community College Dean is one of the most popular academic bloggers in this country and one I’ve followed since my own earliest days of blogging.  Community College issues are close to my heart, and this blog discusses campus politics with style.  It’s worth reading for any academic, but it’s a must read for two-year college people.

Featured Blog: ProfHacker

ProfHacker is a new blog and one with a whole lot of energy.  A group academic blog that features articles on everything from pedagogy to tech tools to academic life, this is one of the most seamless and beautiful configurations of a group WordPress site I’ve ever seen.  It’s updated daily, and at a time when I so often catch people on Twitter or Facebook instead of visiting their blogs as much as I might like, I’ve found myself checking ProfHacker daily.  The articles seem to be uniformly upbeat and motivating.  It’s just the blog I’ve been looking for all these years.