Chasing Digital Rabbit Trails

I just ran across a blog that I set up in 2007 for a presentation at TYCA-SE. It refers to a presentation that I did in 2005 on blogging for TYCA-SE. I am now preparing to give a presentation called “Ten Years of Blogging” at TYCA-SE. This will be my third presentation on blogging for the same conference then. I didn’t remember that until I found the blog with the evidence, so I’ll just go ahead and add “a digital record of scholarly activities” to my list of things that a blog can be.

My blog projects trail off in so many different directions at this point that it’s no surprise I can’t remember them all. I would be embarrassed by this fact if shame were not such a waste of time that could be spent in additional public self-reflection.

I must say that working on this presentation has been an interesting look back at my own history.

As the day of the presentation approaches, I expect to do a little more meta-blogging, and a little more linking back to my own previous blog posts and blog projects. Come on over and hang out while I do it. This will be like watching someone sort out ten years worth of vacation photos.

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