And the blog lives on

This is my first post on this blog in several years, and I’m here now because I’m supposed to speak about blogging at a conference soon. Oh, irony of ironies. I’m scheduled to do a little blog evangelizing even though I haven’t been a practicing blogger lately myself.

Luckily, that’s only partly true.

This is my first post back here, but it isn’t my only since 2010. I blog other places. It isn’t blogging itself that I took such a long hiatus from, but more specifically blogging about technology in the classroom. I think that happened for two reasons. One, I was going through some personal overwhelm in my life. Two, I was burned out on learning new technologies for the classroom. I was saturated with technology. I felt like technology was taking over all of my attention, and that I needed to get back to concentrating on writing and the teaching of writing. Also, I felt like I was being glutted with new technologies, but none of them really excited me for classroom use. I just couldn’t get into making up Pinterest assignments. Maybe a better person could have, but I was toast, and not the pretty kind of professional toast found on Pinterest either.

I tell this now because I think it is part of the story of why blogging matters. I think this is a kind of burnout that teachers commonly experience. I think the question of when technology is too much is a valid one that ought to be addressed.

I don’t have the answer to that question. I only have my own story. I can only say I’ve been there too, and I am getting back into the game of talking about technology in the classroom now because I think it matters. I think it is important to my students and my colleagues that we all talk about technology and its place in the classroom.

Thus, for the next few weeks (and who knows from there), I will be blogging about blogging and ebooks and other sundry tech topics.

Welcome back to me, and welcome back to anyone who might come along and read what I have to say. Also, there are rumors that my brother might join me soon as a blogger on this site, but we will see if that is going to happen when it happens.

Cheers, colleagues. Happy blogging.

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