Slideshare and Blackboard

Slideshare is one of the social sharing sites included in the auto-embed menu in Blackboard 9.1.  This is a good way to share slide presentations with your students.  PowerPoints will load faster and easier from SlideShare than they will if they are uploaded into Blackboard as attachements.  This also gives you a place to store and organize your presentations outside of Blackboard so that you don’t have to worry about whether they transfer over properly from one semester to another or from one version of Blackboard to another.

Plus, on SlideShare you have the opportunity to find presentations by other people to share with your students.  Public SlideShares can be embedded into Blackboard with no worries about copyright violations.  The links back to the presentation creator are included in the embed code.

Take a look at some sample SlideShares, and then go to to create a free account and start uploading your own presentations.

Why Slideshare from Slideshare

A photo essay as SlideShare from Sharon

A Presentation Zen SlideShare

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