Posterous is My New Best Friend

Seriously, give Posterous a try. It’s the blog platform to which you email it all in. I’ve been seeing it around. Various friends have tweeted their Posterous entries, and I’ve thought “cool,” but what would I really do with that? I’ve also thought, “Why would I possibly need another blog? I have them scattered all about the cyberverse as it is.”

Posterous really is different, though (you say pah, I say poh). Emailing it in means this is for on-the-go blogging. You don’t have much control over the formatting of your blog post. All of that is done automatically. But this also means you don’t have to put any time into it.

You just grabbed some great video on your Flip Cam, but you don’t have time to upload to YouTube and copy the embed code over to your blog? With Posterous, you just email the video straight to the blog. Posterous formats and posts it as embedded video. Zero learning curve involved (presuming you already know how to email an attachment).

I’m excited about the possibilities for podcasting. I’ve done some podcasting for my students and a little for my personal blogging, but I’m always looking for a more efficient way to go about it.

To podcast on Posterous, you just email the mp3 file to your blog. It is automatically posted and formatted with its own visual player. It’s also automatically sent into a feed that can be accessed through iTunes. This is perfect for class podcasting because I get both a permalink and an iTunes feed with no set up time. Students can access it in whichever way works best for them, and I can link individual recordings into particular units within my Blackboard course.

This is easy and free for up to 1 GB of space. That means it’s a good way to have students do podcast assignments as well.

Basically, we have a very effective trade off here. What you lose in control, you gain in convenience.

I’m going to use it for linking audio files to my regular blogs and for mobile blogging. I can email or text in an entry from my phone. There’s also a PicPosterous iPhone app that posts any pictures taken through it directly to your Posterous blog.

Oh, yes, Posterous, I’m so glad we got to know each other. I will be your bff right up until you say I’m out of space.

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