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Due to a steady decline in state funding and steady increase in enrollment over the past few years, our teaching loads have grown to beyond believable. Of course something is sacrificed. Of course time is limited for student feedback. Of course we change the kinds of assignments we require as well as our approaches to teaching them. You have to survive somehow.

That's not to say, though, that all is lost even as we say all is not as it should be. It does mean we have to put more time into finding educational "hacks" or ways around enormous obstacles. That's one reason I'm playing around with podcasting this week. My students have responded well in the past to audio recordings–as well as to anything, in fact–and I need to find a workable broadcast model for providing more group feedback to compensate for less individual feedback.

I do believe copious individual feedback is the best approach, but you have to survive somehow.

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  1. Sharon: showed your blog to my Composition Study for Teachers class yesterday and ran across this old post. Dr. Crazy is one of my best friends (IRL). :-)

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