A Domain (or a blog?) of One’s Own

This is an interested talk about a university’s push to get a domain name and web hosting for every student.

Two main points really struck me from the talk.

1. We want to give students a sense of ownership over their own web real estate and/or their own web presence.

2. We want to push students into discovering “the deeper possibilities of the web.”

There are, of course, possibilities that go far deeper than the blog, but I do think that for students who don’t have access to web hosting, a free blog account can be a good place to start learning deeper possibilities than can be found on social networking sites alone. Maybe a blog address is the community college student’s “domain of one’s own.”

I wish that my school could get every student a domain name, but for now I will settle for requiring all of my students to register a blog address.

Student Videos

These videos were created by students enrolled in my ENG 1113 (English Composition I) at JCJC in the Fall 2009 semester. Their assignment was to make a video that communicated a point or a message. It was their first time and my first time to try video composition. They had a great deal of choice in how they went about it. You can see here three very different approaches. I’m very happy with all of them, especially considering this was a case of the blind leading the blind. Next time, I’ll give more direction on including credits and so forth, but they really came up to the task when I just let them put their own creativity to it.

Sherry Amacker

Colby England

Khyle Elvir